A Little Update from Ecuador

Hello, there. Long time no see! ;-)

Puuh, the last few weeks have been quite eventful. As some of you might know, we spent over 3 weeks at the coast of Ecuador “workawaying” for a US American couple. We had some really great times there. Our work consisted of walking and feeding the dogs twice a day and doing some cleaning or repairing work around the house. Pretty easy! We had our own little bungalow right next to the pool and the ocean was only a 100 m walk away. Sounds like paradise, huh?Read More »


How to: Build a house 101

In Samaipata we were able to help out a Spanish family. I already talked about them before. They had two small but beautiful houses, one they lived in and the other one they were renting out. But their plans are much bigger. They want to build another, bigger house where they wanted to move into and then live off the rent of the other two and eventually from that money travel a little bit in South America. So we were happy to help. At the moment they are working on a small garden hut for their tools and to provide their volunteers a sleeping space upstairs. We helped to render that from the inside and out.Read More »

Happy birthday to myself

Just throwing in a little life-update from my side here:

As I recently celebrated my 21st birthday (finally considered a complete adult – even in the US!) I decided to spoil myself a little bit. As some of you might know, the last few months I have been maintaining this blog solely from my iPhone, one with only 8GB storage! :D You can probably tell how frustrating this whole task can become considering I had to play the pictures from the camera to my phone and “edit” them and type everything with my two thumbs. Not complaining – I still loved to prepare every single post. It just took me close to forever.

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Volunteering: Cabanaconde, a Peruvian village at 3200 m above sea level 

Hey there!

This time I am going to tell some more about our experience with helping out in the small and a little touristic village of Cabanaconde in the mountains of Colca Canyon. We volunteered at a hostel and its restaurant which we found on Workaway. But I think I should jump right to it. This is going to be a very honest post about what happened and what I thought about it. Read More »

First Impressions 

It’s been around a week since I landed in South America with a lot of great experiences and new things to learn! Our first stop is Lima, the capital of Peru with around 8 million inhabitants, the biggest city of our tour. We decided to stay around two weeks here to get an insight of the Peruvian/South American lifestyle and move on from there. Read More »