Pit stop in San Pedro de Atacama

Hello people!

A few weeks ago we were able to spend a few days in Chile – only two to be honest! It was the best deal: We made the Uyuni desert tour that practically ended in the far South of Bolivia, right at the border to Chile. Instead of driving all the way back up to Uyuni for 8 hours we chose to take a bus down to San Pedro de Atacama, the main city in the center of the famous Atacama desert in Chile. Read More »


Colored lagoons and stone trees

The salt flat of Uyuni should not be the last place for us to explore in the Southwest of Bolivia. We went on a two-day tour through the desert and mountain range that forms the border between Bolivia and Chile. The landscapes we passed were breathtaking and fast-changing as we drove further into the “nothing”. It began with volcano stone formations for as far as you could tell, llama herds and sandy terrain and ended with massive snow-tipped volcanoes behind colorful lagoons that were home to three distinct types of flamingos. We let ourselves amaze by a field of geysers at almost 5,000 m during sunrise and jumped in pleasant hot springs to unfreeze afterwards. Excellent scenery for stunning pictures – see for yourself!

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