The stray

One thing you pretty fast get used to in Peru is that there are so many dogs running around in the streets trying to find food and searching in garbage. They don’t seem to belong to anyone. Some of them might, but most of them don’t.Read More »


When in Chivay

Still part of the Colca Valley is Chivay where we spent a few relaxing days doing some hiking.

There are a few good treks to walk for a few hours and the scenery is as fascinating as in the canyon. Read More »

Our hike through the Colca Canyon

On our days off in the Colca Canyon we of course took advantage of the good weather and the great location and went for a two-day hike down the canyon. We started pretty early in the morning and hiked down for about 1200 m sea level. Meanwhile the views were just stunning and I couldn´t help myself but repeatedly taking pictures of the same scenery again and again. Colca Canyon is also known for its condors that fly close to the cliffs in the early morning hours.Read More »

Volunteering: Cabanaconde, a Peruvian village at 3200 m above sea level 

Hey there!

This time I am going to tell some more about our experience with helping out in the small and a little touristic village of Cabanaconde in the mountains of Colca Canyon. We volunteered at a hostel and its restaurant which we found on Workaway. But I think I should jump right to it. This is going to be a very honest post about what happened and what I thought about it. Read More »

Arequipa and the independence

While walking around in Arequipa, we stopped at one of the many vending ladies that had a big blanket spread out on the stairs with all her necklaces, keychains, and what not on it. My boyfriend wanted to buy himself a necklace. He’s been looking around for the last few days. While he let the woman show and explain him what she had, I was taking a look at the other things. And found a passport that said “Republica Independente de Arequipa” on it.Read More »