Things we take for granted but should be thankful for

Traveling and living in Peru and Bolivia, talking to locals and experiencing everyday life has so far changed a lot in my point of view and how I see the world. Not only are these “third-world” countries and you can see the poor in every corner, but also do the people here grow up with a completely different mindset and mentality.

Below I have plotted down a few points that came to my mind in terms of things that people in the Western countries take for granted  and don’t even think about.Read More »


Mañana, or never

A Peruvian (or even South American) mentality post from the perspective of an Austrian girl.

Growing up in different societies of course creates different mindsets. Have I ever imagined that it could be that different? Not at all.Read More »

Volunteering: Cabanaconde, a Peruvian village at 3200 m above sea level 

Hey there!

This time I am going to tell some more about our experience with helping out in the small and a little touristic village of Cabanaconde in the mountains of Colca Canyon. We volunteered at a hostel and its restaurant which we found on Workaway. But I think I should jump right to it. This is going to be a very honest post about what happened and what I thought about it. Read More »