Hey there!

My name is Raffaella, or you can call me Ella, and I am a 20-year old girl from Austria.

I like music, doing sports, being out and about in the nature and exploring new places. I recently discovered a new hobby for me: photography. It’s a lot of fun and I still try to get more into it. With this blog I want to share some of my stories and adventures with my friends and family and everyone else that wants to read it.

At the moment I am “full-time traveler”, if that’s what you want to call it. I graduated high school in 2015 and worked abroad for one year. Now I am taking some time off to see the world before I will start with university, hopefully. ;-)

I really like to write, that’s maybe why I started this blog. I like expressing myself with words. Already as a child I loved writing my diary, so I have basically most of my life written up neatly in a bunch of little locked books. Even though I am native in German I enjoy writing in English a lot more. I apologize to you for any grammar mistakes I might make along the way.

Hola Ella – “Hola” for the Spanish word of Hello. I chose this because I love Spain and I am actually half-spanish. (My dad is from Galicia!) And “Ella” because that’s my name. Well, a lot of people call me Raffaella or Raffi, but my boyfriend came up with this nickname because he already had a lot of male “Raffi/Raphi”-friends. I think it sounds funny, especially in combination with “Hola”. :-)

I hope you enjoy the read and find some interesting stuff on my page!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Raffaella, ich habe deinen Blog kürzlich in meiner Leseliste wiederentdeckt und muss sagen, dass er ganz hervorragend ist. Die Auswahl und Qualität der Bilder und die Art, wie du alles beschreibst wirkt auf mich so, als hättest du nie etwas Anderes gemacht als Reiseblogs zu schreiben. Absolut zauberhaft! Man hat wirklich das Gefühl, dabei zu sein. Ich werde dir hier auf jeden Fall weiter folgen! Ganz liebe Grüße von deiner ehemaligen Sitznachbarin. ¡Besos de Cork!


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