Sunburned on the Isla del Sol

For all non-Spanish speakers around here: Isla del Sol = Sun island.

Sounds quite inviting, doesn’t it? We didn’t know what would await us on the Isla del Sol, an island located on the Bolivian side of the Titicaca Lake. I only read little about it which made being there even more special. I’ll tell you why in a second!

The Isla del Sol is best accessed from Copacabana, Bolivia where boats leave to the Sun Island and the Moon Island around 8:30 am and 1:30 pm every day. You can choose where you want to be dropped off – the Northern or the Southern part of the island. Except in our case, when the Northern part was closed due to internal problems between the villages. The best thing is to inform yourself about the current situation when arriving in Copacabana.

Some of you might remember: We have already been to the Titicaca Lake but were a bit pressured by time and didn’t get to go to the islands. So we had a big excuse to come back! Taking the early ferry to the islands we arrived in the late morning only carrying our biggest necessities for our two days on the Isla del Sol. Our first impression was WOW! There is this small village built on this steep island. No cars, only mules, everything built by hand. The landscapes look like somebody painted them like that, all surrounded by a huge body of water. And all this at over 3.600 m. Say, whaat?

The two days were filled with pure joy! We basically just walked around the island for hours, skinny dipped in the freezing water, watched the sun go down and then go up the next morning. Only few other tourists were on the island at the same time but instead many locals taking their animals on the fields or pulling their mules up or down the steep trails to transport newly arrived products. The island is also quite famous for its ruins that stand proudly on either side of it. As the Northern part was closed for us we took the chance to visit the Southern ruins of a little fort right by the water. The village also offered plenty of options for accommodation, we had a great view from our room. I felt comfortable on the Isla del Sol right away being away from the busy roads and the tenacious vendors that approach you on the mainland. The peacefulness of this island really rub off on you as soon as you get off the boat. Did we get sunburned? Yes, of course.

Here are only a few of the pictures I took during the two days.




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