My first try in star photography

Hello there! Happy Tuesday!

Today I am going to tell you a little bit more about my progress with taking pictures. 

When I was younger i.e. a teenager I would take all my pictures on my cell phone or a cheap digital camera. Pictures didn’t turn out that great. But most of them were pretty random anyway and didn’t have any meaning to themselves. And to be pretty honest I didn’t think about them much, I just took pictures when I saw something nice but didn’t place it accurately in the photograph.

But I think about a year ago I started to develop an interest for taking pictures, even though I had no idea how to properly do that. So I always used the iPhone of my boyfriend – because mine has a bad camera and no storage – to take the pictures when we were on the road. But I knew if we were going to South America for a longer period of time I needed to upgrade. So I treated myself with a pretty decent mirrorless camera for beginners and tried to understand the basics of photography a little more. I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it but I am still not using all the potential of the camera. There are plenty of things to learn for me!

When we were in Bolivia, though, I wanted to try something totally new in regards of taking pictures: taking a night shot! Without a tripod that was quite a challenge and maybe light pollution was also an issue as we lived close to the village, but I tried to move around shutter speed, aperture and focus to get a picture of the stars in the sky. And a few days later I tried to capture a thunderstorm in the distance. Needless to say, these photos didn’t turn out nice at all. But I was still really excited when a picture finally came out well which means you could actually see something and it was not just pitch black. Hahaha It took me a lot of patience though, but I felt so empowered afterwards.

Why? Because something worked out! And I figured it out on my own.. (more or less!) It definitely motivated me to try out more things with my camera and learn with every picture I take. Of course, when traveling you have many objects to take photos of every single day, and you’re not putting in the same effort in every picture but you start getting a feeling for what looks good and what not. It is such an amazing feeling to see the progress you made over a period of time. And that encourages you to strive for more! Sometimes you just need to DO it. Don’t plan everything out and then postpone it, or even get to a point where you give up. Because most of the times: Practice makes perfect! (Or at least better.)

So here are the pictures I took – unedited.



It’s a big step for me to share these publicly, because they are not good. But hey, I talked about progress and motivation, and if those shitty pictures can motivate me then pretty much anything can motivate you. Just get out there and try what you’ve always wanted to do!

Greetings from Ecuador! Have a great rest of your day. :-)




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