Soaking up the energy of El Fuerte

Hello there!

Remember when I told you about the energetic place that attracted loads of expats to stay in the village of Samaipata? Of course we couldn’t skip these ruins. So a sunny and really hot Sunday morning we made our way to the historic place. It is a 10 km walk or taxi ride from the center of the village. As we had plenty of time on us we walked there, rewarded by the amazing views along the way.

The ruin complex is a really interesting place as many pre-Inca tribes, the Incas and then the Spaniards somehow used it as a strategic, religious and energetic place. And you could see traces of all of them throughout the complex. The main sight was the huge stone block that was in the center which is supposed to spread the energy. The people engraved different animals and structures on it. The most important animals in Inca times were the pumas, therefore everywhere you go and visit Inca ruins or cities they will tell you about the puma shape. You will need lots of imagination. Here they also used pumas, jaguars and snakes to represent the worlds and gods they prayed to.

Located all around the big stone of El Fuerte they are many different kinds of sacrificial altars, all built in different periods of time. In front of them the Spaniards built administrative buildings as a strategically military point they used to store weapons. Further below there would be the market space with some common houses and storage buildings around it.

It was quite fascinating to wander around this place where so many different people with different cultures and backgrounds lived. And I don’t wonder why they chose exactly this location. The nature that surrounds the place is just really magnificent. Maybe it’s just me but so many mountains covered with jungle are incredible. Just look for yourself!

On our way back to Samaipata, (we were a little late) we happened to see the sunset in its fullest beauty and a few random pigs next to the street. :-)

Thanks for stopping by at my blog, I wish you all a pretty nice rest of your week!




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