Amboró National Park

Amboró National Park is a huge park that stretches in the middle of Bolivia. To enter it is required to always have a certified guide with you and that can get quite expensive. We were really lucky to go with the friends of our hosts who gathered a group to go on a Saturday. Amboró is very close to Samaipata and it is famous for its diversity because again it is a mix of jungle, mountain ranges and lowland. All these landscapes meet there which grants you amazing views!

Our route was around one mountain, a few hours of hiking upwards and down on the other side. At first we only walked in the woods, in between monstrous trees, next to lianas and over little jungle streams, a lot of dead woods and plants – real vegetation without any human alteration. We also passed many different kind of fern trees, some of them a few hundred years old.


All this time we couldn’t really see where we were going. But very soon an incredible view opened up in front of us when we hit the top of the mountain. A whole mountain range covered with the woods of a jungle as far as you could see. On the one side you could see how higher and rockier mountains formed, on the other side you could see it becoming flatter and rather hilly.



After eating our lunch up there with this magnificent view, we made our way back to the truck as the skies seemed to change and rain was coming up. When we reached the last view point the fog crept over the hills into the valley of Samaipata which made the last view minutes of walking in the woods extra mystic.


On this day we were not “fortunate” enough to see a lot of animals but I actually had no problem with that – rather than meeting toxic snakes or frogs, monkeys and so on. I am not really a jungle person, I get scared quite easily by the power of such a big wood with huge trees and tangling plants and no real way out, but sharing this walk with ten other people and the knowledge of the guide I felt quite safe and was not scared at all anymore. :-) What a memorable experience!




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