No cuevas en Cuevas

Located around 30 km from the village of Samaipata there is a little town called Cuevas which means “caves” in Spanish. Having a little nature reserve with the three famous waterfalls it attracts a bunch of tourists and locals. And now I definitely know why. As Cuevas is on a lower sea level and getting into the jungle, the weather is much more humid and therefore all the kinds of plants and animals are similar to those in the jungle. We saw several species of butterflies and other insects. One kind that caught my eye was a light blue butterfly with big wings that was really common throughout the park. Next to one waterfall I even ran into a green snake, and in shock I jumped into the water haha. But when we tried to look for it again, it already had escaped into a whole. So I guess we were both similarly scared of each other.


You cannot really swim there, but throw yourself under a waterfall and this way cool yourself down. The second waterfall is the best one for this purpose. ;-)


Unfortunately, strong jungle rains hit us after we’ve already gotten wet in the waterfalls. We hid under a small hut and after the skies had cleared everybody had already left the park and we had the third waterfall completely to ourselves.


I don’t know what it is about waterfalls but they always make me cheer a little bit inside. The strength of the water the pours down is just really incredible and the noise of the water hitting the surface calms you down immediately.

I enjoyed spending the day relaxing there and wander around surrounded by nature that was completely different to anything I have seen so far. Every time I saw another flower or butterfly I was like a little child again. Even without caves Cuevas is definitely worth a visit. :-)




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