Sucre – the stunning capital of Bolivia

I always thought the capital of Bolivia is La Paz because they claim to be the highest capital in world. Actually it is only the seat of the government with the official capital being Sucre. This is because the constitution has been signed and still has its place there.

I liked Sucre a little more than I should have because we only stayed there for two nights which made me a little melancholic as soon as we had to leave the place. Although still located in the altiplano which means it is on high altitude – 2.800 m to be exact – Sucre had a nice warm climate, also not being too cold at night. The streets located all around the plaza and even further outside of the center are characterized by white buildings and orange roof tiles. There are loads of cute restaurants and at least I felt very safe. You could best observe this unique city from a viewpoint called Mirador La Recoleta where you can also find a nice café to enjoy the views of the mountains behind. A nice spot relax for the afternoon! As it was pouring down a full day when we were there, we were only left with one day to explore around the city. This is where the pictures below came from. I hope you like them as much as I do! And yes, having an old VW beetle is a thing here.


I loved this historic, colonial city a lot and it is pretty safe to say that it is the most beautiful town to visit when in Bolivia!




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