Potosí and its hidden treasures

Hey there!

As I am a lot behind our actual travels I will try to catch up with some pictures and stories about Bolivia. This one will be about a place that I personally liked a lot because of its “everyone-knows-everyone” feeling and colonial buildings. I am really a charming small-town lover so that was the perfect place for me. Potosí is weirdly build into a basin and  the main part of town is on the upper part – a whole lot of walking up and down if you ask me. We spent some good amount of time there just to wander around the cute little streets I loved to photograph, to check out cafes and to enjoy some great conversations with each other.

The reason Potosí was so interesting for the Spaniards is that there are a lot of silver resources around. You can actually visit the mines still today, but conditions are supposed to be questionable and unsafe. When we asked the girl at the tourist information she said, ” Well, every time there can happen something to you. You can walk out the street, a car hits you and you’re dead!” Guess she is right, but we decided against visiting the mines anyway. Oh, and if you get to go there, don’t miss out on the church-tower viewpoint close to the tourist office!

Below I will put some impressions of the city. It has a bunch of rustic churches and like I said countless colorful colonial houses with their adorable balconies. I couldn’t resist and take a ton of pictures – here is the condensed version of it.




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