Happy birthday to myself

Just throwing in a little life-update from my side here:

As I recently celebrated my 21st birthday (finally considered a complete adult – even in the US!) I decided to spoil myself a little bit. As some of you might know, the last few months I have been maintaining this blog solely from my iPhone, one with only 8GB storage! :D You can probably tell how frustrating this whole task can become considering I had to play the pictures from the camera to my phone and “edit” them and type everything with my two thumbs. Not complaining – I still loved to prepare every single post. It just took me close to forever.

But this will change now: After weighing my options of buying an iPad or something alike with a keyboard or going for a tiny laptop, I decided that latter would be the best way to go for me, as I want to sell it to one of my fellow travelers in the end of the trip. After tackle down pretty much every “eletronics shop” in the city I found something pretty suitable. And I must say this thing has proven to be a good investion so far. ;-) I hope to be able to post more in the course of the next weeks and keep you a little more up-to-date.

At the moment Lars and I are staying at a hostel in Cusco as volunteers. We plan to stay for around 2 weeks so this gives us  time to relax from our travels, see the city and enjoy a lot of free time. And I know afterwards we will be enthusiastic for our next adventures – like always! And especially this time as it will be Machu Picchu, probably the best-known and most incredible place we want to visit in these 6 months. Although I heard that it is one of the most touristic if not the most touristic place in South America, it is worth the visit, definitely. And we are still in low season, lucky us!

On a completely different note, I have been thinking about switching my writing to German to make it easier to understand for some of my family members, like my dad for example. :D I like writing in English, too. So in the next few weeks I will publish some of the posts in German to see how I like that. :-) Maybe it’s a disaster and I will go back to normal soon. Haha

In general, if there are any suggestions, questions to the content of a post or anything else, feel free to comment! I will be happy to do my best to answer you. :-)





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