Carnival in Oruro

We rushed to this, otherwise rather uninteresting city to experience the last days of carnival. Celebrations are crazy, the streets are crammed with drunk and singing party people and the parades take you to a whole different world.

Unfortunately, we came a little late and missed some of the hustle and bustle but here are some impressions we got in those two days in Oruro.

This parade lasted for almost an hour and included lots of dancing in formations of groups and definitely some impressive colorful costumes. Groups consisted of 30 to 50 people. There were the female devils that wore a evil-grinning mask with horns and the male devils which looked exactly how you would imagine them. All of them even had some kind of dragon between their horns – as well as the devils that looked more like clowns due to their huge shimmering eyes and broad grin. Moreover, there was a group of bear-like animals also wearing masks with the same kind of eyes and their outer ears filled with fabrics, stones and sequins of any color. Each group was lead by an angel that directed them with a whistle. See for yourself!

And there was one random condor rounding up the whole performance.

In the end they all took off their masks and performed a traditional song together.

Kids and younger teenagers like to spray around foam on the streets and often on passerbys. We got attacked several times, too! :-)

Oruro is famous for its carnival celebrations and therefore is almost booked out already weeks or even months before. I am a carnival person so I loved to throw myself into the crowds, even though I wasn’t masked. The Bolivians definitely know how to extensively celebrate carnival. Though not Rio, still one of the greatest memories to take home with me!




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