Busses on a float

On our way from Copacabana to La Paz by bus we got to a point where the conductor told us that we all had to get out. All people left their stuff in, so we followed them not knowing what was going on. Blame on us, as we didn’t take a look at the route before hopping on the bus. We shortly found out that we needed to cross a narrow piece of the lake. 

All passengers climbed in a tiny boat that crossed the lake in no time. But when we arrived on the other side and looked back to see where our bus ended up we realized that the vehicles, cars and busses, weren’t actually transported by boat but by some kind of wooden floats. Just some pieces of wood put together.

I found this funny and an especially interesting and easy solution to the problem. Something you wouldn’t find in my country. Even though I doubt that it is 100% safe – because the water was a little rough -, nothing happened to our bus and we could continue the ride. Of course it took the bus forever to cross, but this just gave us a little time to check out the local market and take pictures of the sunset. ;-)

Sometimes it is just so easy to come up with a suitable and easy solution, but I feel in the western countries people often lack this kind of thinking or take everything too strict and serious. This is one thing we can learn from the South Americans.




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