Packing for Peru

You are about to travel to Peru? Get ready to bring half of your closet!

Not really, but you will soon understand why. Peru is full of different kinds of landscapes. Deserts, mountains, jungle. And the best thing is it will only take you a few hours by bus from the desert into the mountains and from the mountains to the jungle.

The coast from north to south is all desert, and as you can imagine really hot in the summer and not really cold in winter. You can go swimming in the ocean or visit humid cities like Lima or Trujillo.

Mountains are tricky. The higher you are, the colder it gets, of course. But during the day when the sun comes out, it can burn a lot and you can even walk around in a t-shirt. As soon as the sun is gone however it gets freezing cold. In winter times even way below zero. Houses often are not really isolated and you barely find heaters in hostels, so dress in layers.

I haven’t been to the jungle yet, but from talking to people I know it is always hot and humid. Still walking around in long-sleeved shirts and pants is better to prevent mosquito bites.

What I packed covers all areas. From tights, sweaters and ski socks to summer dresses, shorts and bikinis. Carrying it all in just one backpack, I am pretty limited on how much I can take of every item. Very handy and definitely necessary is a rain coat and a rain cover for your backpack to protect you from surprise showers. Also take a small pair of flipflops for the beach that are still useful for hostel bathrooms or short trips to the kiosk. The best tip is to prepare your clothes in layers so you ready for the freezing cold and still can take everything off when in a hot region or daytime.

Besides clothing, another thing we would have never survived without is a decent power bank. Plugs in hostels don’t always work or are loose, so a stable source of enery for your electronics is a must-have! Charging it once a week and you are good to go! :-)




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