When in Chivay

Still part of the Colca Valley is Chivay where we spent a few relaxing days doing some hiking.

There are a few good treks to walk for a few hours and the scenery is as fascinating as in the canyon. For example the one from Canocota back to Chivay that goes along the Colca river. Shortly before reaching Chivay you pass thermal baths to treat you after a hard day of hiking. ;-) Be prepared and take a towel with you. There are 5 pools and the water is really hot. Unfortunately there is no inside relaxing area so it can be very cold.

North of the town, across the Colca river there are also hills with ruins and stone walls where you can walk around.

The town itself was full of shops and restaurants, a big market hall where you could eat different kinds of menus or buy everything, from clothes, souvenirs and backpacks to fruit, popcorn and rice. The streets were also full of funny statues that showed the different kinds of traditional costumes.

I liked the atmosphere of this little town a lot, maybe even a little more than Cabanaconde. It’s a great place to start tours or daytrips to other places in the valley. Colectivos go frequently and ridiculously cheap! ;-)




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