Drinking at Peruvian fiestas

You and your friends go to a party and all order your own drinks?

Not in Peru. 

What we learned pretty early is how to drink properly the Peruvian way and this may sound funny to many of you. At least to me it was a little bizarre. Here you share your drinks like beer and wine. You usually get a bottle at a time. Let`s go with beer. The first person starts to pour himself a glas as full or empty as he wants, usually a third full. After successfully producing a lot of beer foam (I guess they just don`t like carbonated beer a lot) the first person in the round hands the bottle on to the next person waiting for his turn. After a loud “Salud!” the glass should be emptied in one sip or at least as fast as you can. And this goes on until the next bottle and the next bottle and the next one. And that`s how to finish a crate of beer in no time.

Be prepared to drink a lot of beer or wine in a short amount of time and don`t forget to say Salud!/Cheers! or you have to drink again!




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