Our hike through the Colca Canyon

On our days off in the Colca Canyon we of course took advantage of the good weather and the great location and went for a two-day hike down the canyon. We started pretty early in the morning and hiked down for about 1200 m sea level. Meanwhile the views were just stunning and I couldn´t help myself but repeatedly taking pictures of the same scenery again and again. Colca Canyon is also known for its condors that fly close to the cliffs in the early morning hours. And we even managed to see some but unfortunately I don´t have any good pictures of them. Because I was too slow or they were too far away. But those birds are just huge. I was pretty impressed.

When we were down in the valley we crossed the colca river and found ourselves in completely different vegetation. Suddenly all the cacti turned into fruit trees.

Walking up it got dryer again. Over the last few weeks the rainy season was that strong, however, that there were a lot of landslides in the region around Arequipa. And so there was also a big swing bridge we saw that was taken down. So we crossed the tearing river on a provisionally biult wooden ladder.

We hiked through two small moutain villages that only consisted of a few houses. We barely saw any people there. The last decent was again filled with so many different kinds of vegetation. First we passed a plateau with those terraces. And then it got dry again, until we reached the oasis that was at about 2100 m above sea level. The lodges that are located around there all have pools where you can relax after a long hike. And the weather and temperature is so nice compared to Cabanaconde which is on 3200 m.

The next morning the climbed the 1100 m on a very boring but very steep trail. There I noticed how the air slowly got thinner and thinner and my legs got weaker and weaker.

If you are interested what route we walked: From Cabanaconde we walked to the Mirador de San Miguel from where you can descend to San Juan de Chuccho, walked about 400 m up to Cosñinhua to Malata and then down to the oasis in Sangalle.

I guess I will just leave some pictures here, they speak louder than words. ;-)




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