Good places to be around Lima

Hey there!

Remember when I told you about the historic center of Lima? Well, it looks really “historic” and crammed with little cute colonial corners. Which is great, but there are also a few more modern districts close to the ocean that are definitely worth a visit as there are amazing restaurants and the best nightlife in town. Actually, if you visit Lima the chances are high that your hostel will be there. And I would definitely recommend it! The areas I am going to talk about are really safe, offer you a bunch of activities and let you experience the more multicultural scene in Lima.


I am going to start off with Miraflores as it is probably the best known of all of them. It is located around 10km south of the Plaza de Armas. It is right beside the ocean, only the cliffs are in between.

The best thing is there are a lot of different parks that spread and connect right above the cliffs where you can walk, run, bike, or rollerskate. It is also safe at night. We got there in time to watch the sunset and then walked for about an hour to get to Barranco, all the time through parks. On the way we saw a lighthouse, crossed the Parque del Amor, the park of love, and passed the Larcomar, which is an expensive shopping center with great views built right into the cliffs.


We came here one night for a few drinks and I completely fell in love with it! And knew I wanted to be back.

So we booked a hostel there for the next day. What I liked most was the lively main square with a lot of music, dancers, entertainers to watch. Barranco is with two streets full of bars, discos and restaurants probably also the best place for a night out. We went out in a disco and tried to join the young Peruvians on the dance floor but just couldn’t keep up with their dancing.

During the day you can see the beauty of the buildings around. And you can also walk down to the beach. But be prepared, they will be very full. And in our case the water was extremely dirty.

The hostel we stayed in was a kind of party hostel with its own bar and a comfy green chilling area. They do a bunch of different activities during the day and of course during the night. It is also located close to the main square and all the action in Barranco. So if you are into partying or just want to get to know the Lima nightlife I think The Point is a good place for you. Aaand I probably had the best mango smoothie in the world in this little cute bistro close to the main square which name is Germinando Vida. They have a menu full of healthy food options, though a little pricey (or pricier than others) definitely worth a visit!

El Callao

I am not 100% sure about this, but Callao is a part of Lima but at the same time its own province. It is really hard to get in with a taxi because only few drivers have the permit for Callao. We went there for an afternoon because we heard that it was nice and safe. True!

When we got there we first took a look at the main square and the nautical museum. I think the museum was really interesting as it explained the development of the harbor after the Spanish invaded Peru.

From there you could easily walk to the Punta which is a peninsula. There we noticed how restricted the area really was. Cars could not get in and even my backpack was checked in order to let us in.

We chose the perfect day for our daytrip because as we arrived there was this big food festival with live music. We continued walking along the beach until we got to the far end of the punta. From there you can take boats out to see the islands off the coast.

We decided to stay at the beach, watch the birds and go for a quick dive into the surprisingly clean and cold-ish water. I liked it very much here. It is definitely a good place to walk around and eat great food in the restaurants at the promenade.




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