No internet – No problem

Hello people! :-)

In case you noticed that there was not much going on around here the last few weeks, I’m still alive.

After our stay in Lima we spent one week traveling south towards Arequipa and then decided to take on a voluntary job at a hostel up in the mountains. The whole village lacked good internet connection. Only the police station had an open wifi that was available depending on the weather and the mood of the policemen, I think. So it was good for a few WhatsApp messages but not much more. So we didn’t try a lot to get wifi, basically also because it was a weird feeling to sit in front of the police station staring at your phone.

But no internet means a lot of time to think about life and talk to other like-minded people. And of course to write down my thoughts!

So what I just wanted to say is that I have a bunch of posts prepared and will upload them over the next days. Hope you like them! :-)




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